About Us and School Fundraising

Iqstyle.co.uk is the complete online gift solution. If you’re looking for an unique or exciting gift for your Mum, Dad, brother, sister, buddy, half cousin or yourself (let's face it – we all deserve something nice) then iqstyle.co.uk is the place.

We offer two options for fundraising in UK. 

1. We can send you leaflets with our website. Then you hand them out to the parents. The parents choose and order whatever they like and put as a reference the school name. Once we receive all the order, we calculate the total amount and send you a cheque with your discount. We deliver all the orders to the school on a specific day. Delivery to the school is free for all PTA/PSA orders.

2. You choose two products to offer to the parents. We can send you an order form for each parent to choose which product they like out of the two and pay all the money to you. After you have all the forms back you send them to us and we will prepare the items and deliver on a specific day.

Our discounts vary depending on the products chosen from 20% to 40%.

So if you would like to top up your money box, give us a call or send us an e-mail.Teachers, headteachers, PTAs -everyone is welcome.



IQstyle for Written Requests. If you choose to indicate your preferences by mail, please be sure to include your exact name, mailing address, telephone number and specific preferences and send your written requests to the following address

IQstyle Ltd
137A Muswell Hill Road


N10 3HS

United Kingdom